Amabelle Aguiluz

Emotional Expression
needs Body
Please Listen
to Your
and Breathe

~ Vickie Dodd

Artist statement
Saori weaving came into my life during a difficult time. I had just experienced an injury
and was dealing with health issues. Luckily, the looms are built for all abilities and I was
able to discover new ways of making. During this time, I was able to visit Saori no Mori
in Osaka, Japan and met Kenzo at the weaving studio and was very inspired. I
resonated with the Saori philosophy in my own personal life and found a community that
embraced the same ideas. I have been able to weave with attachments and have found
so much freedom working at my own pace and in line with the natural rhythm of my
body. The process has been healing and has expanded my form of creativity, my heart
and views of the world.

My weavings connect to the flow of life and the healing power of water. There is a direct
link to how one can feel and how one can heal their bodies with water.

Water runs through our bodies.
Water has the ability to transform.
Water is infinite.
Water is freedom.
Water is a connection to the source.
Water is memory and what brings wholeness and love to life.

Artist Bio
Amabelle is a visual artist, weaver and natural dyer living and working in Los Angeles,

Amabelle Aguiluz