Amy Rubin

With Saori You Can Always Change Your Mind
These words came to mind as I was weaving and I thought, “I don’t know if I like the bright color part here.”I wondered if I should pull it out. And thought, no, it is a change, leave it now. You can change your mind and even change your mind again.  This is wabi-sabi Saori weaving.

Artist Statement

My life has been about change-changing careers and places to live. My husband and I have been together for 56 years and that is a crucial continuity for me. It is the multi-colored and textured yarn that is always there, what ever I am doing, wherever I am doing it.  I am committed to change also to the so strong threads of continuity that hold it all together; the threads that are the colors and textures of our inner self, of who we are, as we change with the ever changing world. This piece is a small representation of weaving together continuity and change, whatever your continuities are, whatever your changes are.


Saori Symphony Quartet
I named the four neckpieces Saori Symphony Quartet because each piece, woven simultaneously on the same warp, has its own melody:
Out of the Blue
Somewhere a Real Gold Thread From Japan
Cherry Blossoms Dancing in Blue Sky with White Clouds
Flight Path of Newly Hatched Butterflies.

This song came to me while weaving the neckpieces and are part of Haiku style writing and thinking meditations that I do.

Artist Statement

Neckpieces are a favorite material that I like to make. They are often products of my making spirit. Weaving these simultaneously was a wonderful experience of thinking about different things that mean something special to me. Out of the blue Spring arrives as do the Cherry blossoms and butterflies and gold thread from Japan in my mailbox. The titles are like brief Haiku thoughts, visual descriptions, yet there is something almost nonverbal in their simplicity, as there is in the weaving.

How Exquisite Is the Beauty of an Ordinary Day-Amy Mimu Rubin

This piece is one of a series that I have started, combining previous textile collage pieces with new Saori weaving that complements it. I am very taken with the possibility of these experiments. In this one, the textile collage is a group of images from Cambridge, UK, my Second home. One day after a long walk, thankful for the peace and beauty of it and the better path that some aspects of life were taking, I was moved to  write a poem, that began with the line, ‘How exquisite is the beauty of an ordinary day. Hallelujah. ”The Saori weaving that is the foundation is a nonrepresentational aspect of the feeling in the collage, and the strip of letters is the need to verbally express the feeling as well.

Artist Bio

On April 27th I turned 76. Besides feeling a deep affinity with Saori Weaving and its life enhancing philosophy, I celebrate sharing Misao Jo’s birthday.

My own career path includes establishing an Open Education  Nursery School with a friend in the early 70’s. After completing Graduate work in Early Childhood Development, I owned a toy business, retail and import, with my husband, Michael. Then I moved into seeing crafts and artwear.  So much of my adult life has been Involved with childhood and with makers and  the making spirit.

Now my elder vision is to dwell deeply in that core of self, and with Saori and expressive weaving, to deepen those paths with a small group of weavers, hopefully at Saori Worcester with Mihoko, as well as with a few friends in my home studio.

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