Amabelle Aguiluz

Emotional Expressionneeds BodyMovementPlease Listento YourBodyand Breathe ~ Vickie Dodd Artist statementSaori weaving came into my life during a difficult time. I had just experienced an injuryand was dealing with health issues. Luckily, the looms are built for all abilities and I wasable to discover new ways of making. During this time, I was able to […]

Terri Bibby

All flowers are beautiful , even though each individual flower is different in form and colour. Because of these differences “all are good”. ~ Misao Jo Artist Statement The “Lake Louise Poppies” image has been my logo since I made it early in my SAORI weaving journey as part of a “Postcard Challenge”. The actual […]

Shona Brown

“Labour and rest, work and ease, the busy hand and the stilled thought; this blending is not only the way of being, it is the secret of joy as well. For what is contentment but the balance between toil and quiet.” Alistair MacLean from his book, Hebridean Altars: The Spirit of an Island Race Artist […]

Tanya Corbin

ReciprocityBy Jessica Coles On each coast, the sand misses your toes. It’s been too long, there are gaps  in the tide, rocks where starfish cling in confusion. Waves curl around  the absence of your ankles. Slow lick of salt water where fingers are not.  When water evaporates, salt is left behind. I wanted to bring you the ocean’s hope.  […]

Judi Gay

The Journey The inspiration for this piece is the poem Spring Morning by A. A. Milne in the book When We Were Very Young. Specifically, the last verse: Where am I going? I don’t quite know. What does it matter where people go? Down to the woods where the blue-bells grow- Anywhere, anywhere. I don’t […]

Lianna Gilman

“Art of Fugue #IV” by Jan Zwicky Once again the moment of impossibletransition, the bow, its silent voiceabove the string. Let us saythe story goes like this. Let us sayyou could start anywhere.Let us say you took your splintered beingby the hand, and led itto the center of a room: starlightthrough the floorboards of the […]

Rose Green

Barbed wire keeps sheep from going astray,But the taught, twisted wire will rust all away.Long after the fences wither to the groundThe gorse will keep flowering – all year round.Whatever joys are forbidden and banned -So long as it’s blossoms are gilding the land, Then love will prevail and all shall be wellAnd we shall […]

Lynn Jones

“Creator, open our hearts to peace and healing between all people.  Creator, open our hearts to provide and protect for all children of the earth.  Creator, open our hearts to respect for the earth, and all the gifts of the earth.  Creator, open our hearts to end exclusion, violence and fear among all.  Thank you […]

Anne Meade Paden

While recently reading the book, Fabric of Civilization: How Textiles Made the World, by Virginia Postrel, I became fascinated by all of the words that have roots connected to textiles. One of the most obvious being the word, text, root word texere, meaning ‘to weave’. The shared origin between the word text and textile weave […]

Laura Roveda

When does a woven piece begin?  When the colors of yarn are chosen or when the shuttle is picked up and the first row of fiber is in place?  What is the true beginning or end? When viewing a piece of cloth, it can be turned in either direction so that the starting place can be […]

Amy Rubin

With Saori You Can Always Change Your MindThese words came to mind as I was weaving and I thought, “I don’t know if I like the bright color part here.”I wondered if I should pull it out. And thought, no, it is a change, leave it now. You can change your mind and even change […]

Ruth Sprague

When I am lostyou will likely find mewhere the forest meets the sea, for it is there thatwisdom meets mystery,rest is assured,faith nurturedand strength replenished. (c Ruth Sprague) Artist Statement I walk a lot and nature often inspires my weaving. I always used to say that my heart’s home was by the sea but as I’ve […]

Audrey Stibbe

Artist Statement I chose this quote simply because I like it.  My weaving is a product of what mood I’m in, the time of day, the weather, what colours do I feel like using, or what music I’m listening to. A constant work in progress. No plan, no preconceived idea….just sit and weave.  I chose […]

Norma Waters

Ideas are one thing and what happens is another.  John Cage, American composer, music theorist, artist and philosopher. Artist Statement I decided to restrict myself to just three yarns….. T-shirt strips, loosely spun sari silk and coarse rug wool.  I really liked the colour palette they created.  Twas a challenge for me to restrict myself […]