Audrey Stibbe

Artist Statement

I chose this quote simply because I like it. 

My weaving is a product of what mood I’m in, the time of day, the weather, what colours do I feel like using, or what music I’m listening to. A constant work in progress. No plan, no preconceived idea….just sit and weave. 

I chose these pieces for this exhibit because I liked the different colour combinations. How they all just worked together.

Artist Bio

After a 22 year professional career followed by a 15 year stint as an athlete, I am now enjoying exploring my artistic side. Living on Pender Island, BC Canada had definitely released that side of me. I dabble in sketching, painting, book binding, junk journaling, knitting, jewelry making and since early March of 2020…Saori Weaving.
I tried my hand at traditional weaving but found having to stay “inside the lines” too rigid.
Enter Saori weaving. The ” no rules” philosophy is right up my alley. Freedom to play. To
explore. To go wherever the inspiration takes you.
After all, isn’t that what art is all about?