Laura Roveda

When does a woven piece begin?  When the colors of yarn are chosen or when the shuttle is picked up and the first row of fiber is in place?  What is the true beginning or end? When viewing a piece of cloth, it can be turned in either direction so that the starting place can be perceived as the ending place.  Only the weaver knows which began first.  
The initial making of the woven cloth may be the beginning of the physical act of weaving, but not the beginning of the cloth itself.  The weaver weaves thoughts and ideas well before shuttle touches the warp.  Inspiration is born when an image or a vision is shown to the weaver in their dreams while sleeping; in daydreams or musings, while looking out through eyes that shine; a sunset, an ocean, a grove of trees, a rose, or a symphony heard.
This weaving does not have a plan, it just flows.  A mood or current state of mind is laid forth; there is no pattern to follow or calculations needed.  The woven piece becomes autobiographical; a story told of the weaver by the weaver. Weaving is a meditation, sired from inspiration and the present moment. A woven cloth is a journey, a process…  it ends when that warp has run out but most certainly is not finished.  Within it the weaver’s life-force is expressed and has made the transition from energy into a tangible piece of cloth.  (Laura Roveda)

Artist Bio

Los Angeles born, Laura Roveda shares SAORI philosophy and weaving, offering classes in her home studio. She has traveled frequently to give presentations and workshops, and visits Japan to continue her own learning.

In addition to SAORI weaving, and traveling, she enjoys photographing nature while constantly nurturing her love of color.

Laura Roveda
Website: SAORI Studio LA
Instagram: @saoristudiola