Lianna Gilman

“Art of Fugue #IV”
by Jan Zwicky

Once again the moment of impossible
transition, the bow, its silent voice
above the string. Let us say
the story goes like this. Let us say
you could start anywhere.Let us say you took your splintered being
by the hand, and led it
to the center of a room: starlight
through the floorboards of the soul.The patterns of your life
repeat themselves until you listen.Forgive this. Say now
what you have to say.

Artist Statement: 
The weaving came first.  I had a vision of these black, grey and off-white strips somehow paired with the colorful strand of stitched paper pieces.  Then I got the inspiration to use wire for the warp and a large piece of cardboard for the loom.  The twisted wires on the sides are extensions of the warp, where it had been wrapped around the back of the cardboard.  Just as I was finishing, I found the poem, which felt like it perfectly captured my experience of this weaving.

Artist bio:

Growing up with my father’s textile business as my playground was the beginning of my life-long exploration of fiber arts.  In 2015, I found my sweet spot in the Japanese Saori weaving tradition.  Misao Jo, who developed this approach in the 1960s, said “In Saori, we do not weave only a cloth. We weave our true self.”  This touched my heart as no other art form ever has.

I create one-of-a-kind wearable art, wall-hangings, other decorative pieces, and vessels.  My work incorporates reclaimed and new materials, including yarn, fiber, cloth, paper, and wire; clothing and other items that hold meaningful memories; and bits of found treasure.  Each piece is truly woven from the heart, unique in its alchemy of materials, mystery, and faith.  

Lianna Gilman
Free-style weaver and fiber artist