Norma Waters

Ideas are one thing and what happens is another. 

John Cage, American composer, music theorist, artist and philosopher.

Artist Statement

I decided to restrict myself to just three yarns….. T-shirt strips, loosely spun sari silk and coarse rug wool.  I really liked the colour palette they created.  Twas a challenge for me to restrict myself as my work is normally a rainbow of colours.

I never have a set idea in my mind, just go by instinct.  I sit in front of my Piccolo and let the weave tell me where to go.  Happy accidents often arise giving an effect that sends me off into the unknown.  Perhaps you can see why the John Cage quote is so relevant to me.

My favourite way of finishing a wall hanging is tassel strips.  I knotted the hanging yarn and added the silver beads.

Artist Bio

I have always had a love of textiles and art.  Fabric and thread are the ideal medium for me to use as they lend themselves to manipulation to which mixed media can be added.  Weaving is a perfect technique for me to use.

Norma Waters, Wiltshire, UK
Instagram ID   @norma.waters357