Ruth Sprague

When I am lost
you will likely find me
where the forest meets the sea, 
for it is there that
wisdom meets mystery,
rest is assured,
faith nurtured
and strength replenished. (c Ruth Sprague)

Artist Statement

I walk a lot and nature often inspires my weaving. I always used to say that my heart’s home was by the sea but as I’ve got older I find myself just as home in a forest surrounded by trees. There is a wildness and rhythm to both forest and ocean. The words came on a visit to Anglesey where the forest  actually does run right to the beach. The weave came next. Often I find weaves and words become entangled!

Inline image

Artist Bio

I am Ruth Sprague, a Saori weaver with a creative weave studio in the Midlands, UK. I started spinning my own yarn about 10 years ago and that led to the discovery of Saori a couple of years later. I have loved colour and texture my whole life so sitting at a Saori loom was like coming home.

Ruth Sprague