Shona Brown

“Labour and rest, work and ease, the busy hand and the stilled thought; this blending is not only the way of being, it is the secret of joy as well. For what is contentment but the balance between toil and quiet.”

Alistair MacLean from his book, Hebridean Altars: The Spirit of an Island Race

Artist Statement

Sky, bracken, loch, peat, granite, sheep, heather, wind, rain, snow & sometimes blistering sun. These are the elements woven throughout this de-constructed Scottish tweed shawl. I wanted to capture the rustic qualities of farm-milled and hand-spun wool while incorporating the landscape that the Scottish shepherd experiences each day.

These words not only capture the life of a shepherd but also the essence of saori-inspired weaving; for it is a joyful work that stills my mind and gladdens the heart. 

Artist Bio

Born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, I currently make my home in Nova Scotia, Canada, where I have a small homestead and raise free-run hens and ducks. I also run a small hand-dyed wool business. I have been a wool worker and textile artist for over 35 years but only a weaver for 12 months.The loom offers so many possibilities to explore the qualities of wool and various textiles. But it is through saori-inspired weaving that I’ve found the most freedom. Saori weaving is less of a process of garment construction and more of a creative journey of self-expression and artistic creativity. The Shepherd’s Shawl is the beginning point of this journey for me, linking my Scottish roots and ancestors to my current life in Canada. 

Shona Brown

Charleston, Nova Scotia, Canada

Instagram @kintrawoolandweaving