Tanya Corbin

By Jessica Coles

On each coast, the sand misses your toes. 
It’s been too long, there are gaps 

in the tide, rocks where starfish cling 
in confusion. Waves curl around 

the absence of your ankles. Slow 
lick of salt water where fingers are not. 

When water evaporates, salt is left behind. 
I wanted to bring you the ocean’s hope. 

Even love can’t carry an ocean 
to the prairies during a quarantine.

Artist Statement
This weaving evolved from the custom made warp that “immediately felt like the beach”. The creams and naturals brought to mind the beach sand and the froth on the water while the blues evoked both the water and the sky overhead. This weaving seemed to flow out of me and was a welcome respite during the pandemic when I did not know when I might truly see the sea again. The poem was written by poet (and friend) Jessica Coles (https://prairievixenpress.ca/) as a gift to me on my recent birthday – which also captures the wistfulness for ocean views.

Artist Bio

Tanya Corbin lives in Edmonton with her husband and their dog, Willow and cat. She learned to weave 12 years ago (2009) with Terri Bibby and was hooked. Now she has a SAORI studio in her basement – Seaweaves SAORI. As a displaced Maritimer living in the landlocked city of Edmonton, her studio name keeps her closer to the sea. She enjoys sharing SAORI with others through teaching and facilitating workshops; including teaching weaving for several years through the Arts in Medicine art therapy program, which gives cancer patients and their loved ones the chance to relax and express themselves through art.

Tanya Corbin
Seaweaves SAORI