Terri Bibby

All flowers are beautiful , even though each individual flower is different in form and colour. Because of these differences “all are good”.

~ Misao Jo

Artist Statement

The “Lake Louise Poppies” image has been my logo since I made it early in my SAORI weaving journey as part of a “Postcard Challenge”. The actual weaving is literally postcard-sized. It was before I knew about Misao Jo’s wonderful saying about flowers.

I am currently studying plants and flowers from a herbalist perspective and I wanted to weave a larger version of the image that has been part of my SAORI logo for all these years.

I also want to honour the “all are good” part of the writing.  In sharing SAORI over the years I have been so privileged to meet amazing people in the SAORI community and to introduce SAORI and the SAORI philosophy to so many.  Each person has their own individual personality and kansei (sensibility) and to watch that be expressed at the loom is wonderful!

Artist Bio

In her studio in the woods on Salt Spring Island, Terri Bibby offers classes, workshops and
retreats on SAORI weaving, warping and clothing design for all ages. Her own weaving is
inspired by the ever changing colours of nature that surround her.

Terri Bibby

SAORI Salt Spring Weaving Studio
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Instagram: @saorisaltspring
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